Candle Votive and Succulent Tray Workshop


  • Candle votive and succulent tray workshops. ($125 Per Person, 2 person maximum)
    • These workshops are designed to give you a firsthand experience at designing and machining a wooden object with custom patterns added to the surface.

Students will also learn basic woodworking, sanding and finishing techniques.

Classes are designed to take about 3-4 hours.

The first half of the class is focused on learning how to design the object that you want to create on the computer.  Students are encouraged to look at patterns and designs they are interested (bringing photos on your phone are encouraged!). There is also the possibility of drawing your own pattern or design on one of the tablets provided.  During the class we will piece and puzzle the imagery to create a unique object.

After the object is designed we will take it to the CNC and students will learn how to set up the machine and the steps to go through to create the object.  Once the object is created there will be hand sanding and sealing to finish the class.